About Us

At David Kennedy & Associates, we represent clients in a wide variety of cases, including Immigration Court (deportation/removal proceedings); Immigration Applications; Criminal Cases, including DUI, Drugs, etc; and other types of cases. David Kennedy and all of our staff who work directly with clients speak Spanish. We are committed to providing world-class legal representation for every one of our clients, regardless of their background, level of education, or circumstances.

Honesty and Integrity

At David Kennedy & Associates, we are committed to representing our clients with honesty and integrity. We strive to provide our clients with an even greater level of customer service than we would want and expect if we were in their shoes.

Fairness to All

At David Kennedy & Associates, we believe that all people are created equal. We zealously represent and truly value each and every one of our clients regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, past history or experiences, sexual orientation, gender identity, skin color, eye color, hair color, shoe size, or any other factor. We have proudly represented individuals from over 60 different countries, from every major religion, and of every orientation.